For Dofma the furniture world is creativity, research and quality; the Dofma style was born in the course of our 80 years of projects that served to consolidate our position in an increasingly demanding market and to acquire experience that helps us to refine the taste of beauty , to always seek customized solutions and forms with the use of new materials.

This is our concrete way to be company of our customer service.

Dofma operates under a philosophy that goes beyond the product selling  to arrive at the formula “The house turnkey.”

Through own structure and its staff, made up of architects, interior designers, engineers and consultants, Dofma offers comprehensive services for the furnishing of the house, from design to furnishings, on the basis of initial information of the customer.

Dofma offer at your disposal a team of professionals: architects and interior designers, marketing managers and decorators, fitters, all to satisfy your need.

We will answer at your questions with our design contribution, realize  projects and solutions customized.

Dofma is always available at every requirement, whether it comes directly from you or your advisors.

For Dofma each “Challenge” is one more incentive to give you the best.

Our project interventions are not limited to the aesthetic choices but considering carefully all the technical and executive aspects. We can intervene with expertise in structures and systems and formulate work programs that set time and costs.

Recognizing the importance of any kind of financial commitment, it is our care to draw clear and personalized quotes.