Thank you Milan!

A creative, energetic and full of novelty week has just ended in Milan.

One of the most interesting editions of the Milano Design Week comes to a close and our two spaces in Corso Monforte were among the protagonists of the Quadrilatero del design.


Euromobil also exclusively presented a new project involving the SEI kitchen designed by Marc Sadler.

The kitchen was introduced through a project linking narrative and illustration: Corriere della Sera journalist Giorgio Terruzzi described the kitchen in six different stories, which were then visually represented by Victoria Krylov, illustrator for the New Yorker.

In these short stories, the journalist highlighted some of the most significant and innovative features of the kitchen, which became a perfect co-protagonist without ever risking appearing too intrusive, thanks to the alternation of characters and plots that were always different from each other.

Present at the evening were journalist Teruzzi and architect Sadler, who told the many people present about the genesis of the project and the uniqueness of SEI.

eforma | Wednesday 19 April 2023

The eforma showroom exclusively came to life in our space with a new collection, welcomed in a luxurious ambience decorated with high quality materials such as travertine and fine wallpapers, selected to reveal a perfect harmony of shapes and materials and win you over with all the elegance of the products.

eforma tells its story through a specially designed visitor route and showcases its values including craftsmanship, harmony of materials and shapes, and Made in Italy.

The different areas of the showroom were inspired by the settings in the catalogue of the new collection, representing the countless customisation possibilities of the company’s products.

The iconic products, such as the ONDA table, the MANTA and JANE chairs, the SYRA sideboard and the LYRA desk, were present in the showroom.