Dofma Introduces Miele Steam Cooking: A Kitchen Revolution

Cooking show with Chef Marco Cristelli for those who want to cook healthily without sacrificing taste with Miele steam ovens.

On Thursday, September 28th, we presented the Miele steam cooking experience at our Showroom in Sesto San Giovanni. This type of cooking is rapidly changing the way many people cook, ensuring simplicity, taste, and creativity. Chef Marco Cristelli guided the guests through a tasting of autumn dishes cooked in just a few minutes right before their eyes.

Stress-Free Cooking with Miele Steam Ovens Miele steam ovens are ideal for those who love to cook for a few or many people. Their ability to accommodate a large quantity of raw ingredients in a single tray simplifies the preparation of dishes, eliminating the stress of long cooking times. With Miele steam ovens, you can delight your guests with high-quality dishes and spend more time with them, letting the kitchen work for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Showrooms to discover how Miele steam cooking can revolutionize your habits, replacing stovetops, traditional ovens, and microwaves with Chef-quality results!